I am sure you will be very sad to receive the news of the restrictions to church life that have had to be made regarding the COVID-19 virus. These are necessary measures to take in order that we can halt or slow down it's progression.

I wish to make you aware of how we will respond to these things:


  • I will continue to celebrate a private Mass - no one will be able to be present. This is now being shown 'Live' daily on our Facebook page. Video replays are available through our website and also in audio form. Please follow this as an individual and encourage the family also to listen or watch.
  • The church will no-longer be open.
  • The sacraments and liturgy are to continue in the form outlined by the Bishop (see the Statement from Bishop Toal).
  • Each evening I will recite the Rosary and Stations of the Cross - You can listen and join in through the audio recording from our Facebook page.
  • I will be available should anyone wish to see me at anytime. Important: Please observe latest social distancing practices as defined by the Government and NHS.
  • The parish community and myself is at hand to help anyone with shopping, driving them to the doctor or hospital, phone calls or whatever. Please do not hesitate to call me on 0141 641 3053. Anyone who can help in this task, please let me know.
  • Please let anyone in the local community, who needs help, know that we will assist them.
  • I ask you to pray hard for all those who have the virus and all those who are looking after them. Remember also those who have had to isolate themselves too. Pray also for those who have lost their life.
  • Please remember I am always here to help and assist you, don't hesitate to call if you need me.

 Further Information - Statement from the Bishops of Scotland