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Saint Bride's RC Church, 21 Greenlees Road, Cambuslang, Glasgow G72 8JB

Recent Homilies

  • 4th Sunday of Easter 2018 (Year B)

    Most of you will be familiar with the comedy programme Father Ted. It features the life of 3 priests living on Craggy Island, an imaginary parish in Ireland. Each of the priests have been exiled to th...
  • 3rd Sunday of Easter 2018 (Year B)

    One of things that people very often ask you as a priest, if you have done an exorcism or if you have any experience of evil spirits. Over the course of my own priestly life I have been asked on a num...
  • 2nd Sunday in Easter 2018 (Year B)

    I don’t remember too much about High School, but one of the things I do remember is that the English Department in our school managed to invite some of the major Scottish poets of the 20thcentury to v...
  • Easter Vigil 2018 (Year B)

    The name Tony Clarke is a common enough name. But it is the name also of a man who has gone down in the annals of the art world as a great hero. Tony Clarke was a British artillery officer who disobey...
  • Good Friday 2018 (Year B)

    In the 1990’s a Jesuit priest, Fr Noel Barber, superior at their house in Dublin, decided to have some of their paintings in Lesson St (Dublin) restored. He asked that one of the officials from the Na...
  • Holy Thursday - Year B (2018)

    I think everyone knows of the great painting by Leonardo Da Vinci of the Last Supper. In many ways it is the image that all of us hold in our head about the Last Supper: a long table with a white cove...


Welcome to the website of St. Bride’s Catholic Church in Cambuslang.

This site will provide you with a range of information about St Bride’s parish, including its history and up-to-date activities. It is hoped that it will allow people from all walks of life, and those living near and far, to have access to the parish.

The parish was founded in 1878 and the church built in 1901. Since its foundation St Bride's has had a fine reputation as a living community both in the town and in the diocese. I am glad to say that this tradition lives on amongst the people of today.

I hope that all who come to this site, and all who use it regularly, will benefit from what they find here. Who knows what good such a place of meeting could give to people. Maybe it will become more than just a place to find useful information; instead it might be somewhere that is re-visited for helpful thought, prayer and reflection.

I wish to extend a special greeting to people who have been associated with St Bride's in past-times, as parishioners or priests or simply through knowing friends who came here, and to thank you for your contribution to the life of the parish.

I know also that such a site will help people throughout the world, who have previously had a connection to the parish, to renew those bonds and I am delighted that it gives this opportunity.

You are welcome here and you are also welcome to St Bride’s Catholic Church,  which is open from early in the morning till late at night every day.

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Reverend Paul Morton


Parish Priest St Bride's Cambuslang