People often tell you that they don’t believe in God any longer. Some people tell you that they once believed in God but have stopped, maybe they did when they were young but stopped when they were older. Maybe they have passed through some crises and decided that they can no longer believe. On the margins there are some people who are unsure whether they believe in God or not, they want to believe but there is not enough to convince them.


Today at Mass we hear if St Thomas who also had difficulty believing. What he doesn’t believe in is a resurrection. Maybe not just Jesus’ resurrection but anyone else’s resurrection. Bodies don’t rise from the dead, once a stone is rolled across a tomb, that’s it. Empty or not, there is no body coming out alive. He places an impossible test, unless he can see and touch the wounds, he will refuse to believe.


Think what you like about Thomas, but maybe for most of us there is a sneaking admiration for Thomas. He is not going to be duped by a far-fetched story. Seeing is believing.


Its hard to say why some people find it easy to believe and others find it impossible.


People who don’t believe appeal to reason and it is hard to argue against that. Things you don’t see you can’t believe in. If we were to believe in everything, we can see then we would be the most superstitious f people.


But we are not just people who see with our eyes or touch with our hands, we are people of spirit. We are people that write poems, paint paintings, invent things that don’t yet exist, cross mountains, travel across the seas, go to planets. We dream what seems impossible dreams. We see in another sense through the eyes of belief.


We are not just people who have bodily senses but we are people of spirit. It is that spirit that within us that sees and knows God. That wishes to be connected to him.


For the unbeliever this is fanciful thinking. Better to stay on dry land, things that we know and are secure in. There is a lot to admire in that. It’s the world of science and understanding and knowledge – who wouldn’t want to be in that world.


But there is another world of the spirit in which we know our maker, who wouldn’t want t be in that world.


People today find it hard to believe. Maybe things that helped us to believe in former times are not there – in times gone by people believed because everyone believed, that no longer seems to be the case.


Maybe these are better times. We are invited to believe not because we are part of a crowd but simply because we do believe.


Some people find belief as easy as pie. Some people throughout their life struggle with questions. Some people discover faith later in life, others come back to it.


It’s a strange thing, no doubt about that. For those who have faith, it is like a light in the darkness. It is like a road to travel. It’s like a quiet confidence that God is with you. It’s like a feeling that you are never alone. It’s simply comes down to trusting that God is with you.


Today it’s hard to convince people to believe. There are a hundred reasons to believe, but those hundred reasons might not convince.


But here’s the great thing because we don’t believe doesn’t mean that god cuts us off. He doesn’t stop loving us, doesn’t stop believing in us.