Easter Season 2019 (Year C)

The Eurovision song contest is on over this weekend. Some people will be/were glued to their TV screens to watch who might win, others will do anything they can to avoid it. The songs to me always, seem a bit cheesy, the acts over the top, the costumes and the sets a bit tacky. But fir some people that is the attraction, a moment perhaps to suspend your imagination, enter into a world that is light and ‘fluffy’, nothing too challenging.


It might be a thing of age, but the music doesn’t sound too different, happy songs, sudden changes of key, a dramatic ending and finale with a high note.


Not too up in music, it seems to me like the fish and chips of the music world (who doesn’t like fish and chips) – it is not certainly high dining.


One if the things I notice about the running commentary that is given, is that they don’t take the whole thing too seriously. They follow the proceedings and poke light hearted humour at the more bizarre things.


In life it is important to have a sense of humour. Sometimes nit to take yourself too seriously and to be able to laugh at things. Its important to see the funny side of things and spot the bizarre, the strange and the weird and laugh and smile at it.


The most difficult people are those who take themselves too seriously. Those who have forgotten how to laugh and smile.


One if the things that I notice especially about children and young people is their ability to laugh and smile. As you grow older that spontaneous side of your life seems to diminish. Maybe it is the bruises that you get along the way, the responsibilities we have. But simply to laugh and smile  and find fun in life seems an important thing.


Jesus in the Gospel speaks about love and the importance if the disciples showing love. It seems to me that happiness and laughter and smiling are an important of love. People who are happy often exude love, people who are in love are happy. There is something in their joy and happiness that attracts and draws you to that person and makes it easier to like and love that person. Something draws you to laughter and joy.


There can be such a thing as a false smile, empty laughter, poor humour at someone else’s expense.


But the real smile, that happy demeanour, that open personality is something that attracts.


A joyful person is easy to love. A happy person is easy to be with. A person who laughs at themselves rings true.


Happiness and love seem to me to go together well. A happy person seems easier to love than a person who has forgotten how to smile.


Love and happiness seem to me to go together. Who doesn’t want to love? Who doesn’t want to be happy? Who doesn’t want to love and be happy? They go together.